We’re heading back to France, finally!

We’re finally making our way back to one of our favorite places in the world. France!!

We booked our tickets today after saying, “Let’s just look to see how expensive the tickets are.” Of course, we had every intention of booking tickets at some point, but got caught up in the moment — not to mention the longer we wait to get tickets, the more expensive they’re likely to get.

After three years for Heather, and four for Phillip, we’re due for a return. France is a place that rejuvenates us. Plus, it’s a special place where a lot of our very good friends and voluntarily adopted family live and we need to catch up with these folks!

Our dates are set for the last ten days of April, which means we only have a short period of time to plan. We’ll likely combine the vacation with a lot of business-related stuff like touring wineries and meeting wine-industry peoples. While that may sound relaxing, quite a bit goes into getting to and from wine regions, setting up appointments and being fully present to take relationships further in order to carry someone’s product in the store.

We’re used to jumping in a car and road-tripping European style, couch-surfing included. We’ve done it a few times together throughout Europe. And while we’ve spend a lot of time in the Southwest, Southeast and in betweens of France, we’ll try to squeeze in time to explore new regions this go-around.

We’ll also have to get a list together of American-related gifts that we can share with our French friends. We’re thinking cheese sticks and beef jerky! Random, but everyone likes food and these two choices are signature Southern-American snacks. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

Looking forward to sharing updates as we countdown to our trip, while we’re there and of course, when we return.


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