Interview with Downton Abbey Travel Writers, Deb & David White


There are plenty of reasons why people are attracted to the stately mansions of Britain: architecture, interior design, art, gardens, romance, culture and history. No matter the motive that brings each visitor to the threshold of a great house — either in a book or on a tour — what keeps us coming back are the fascinating stories about the families who lived there.

With Downton Abbey’s much anticipated Season 4 premiere in the US, we thought it fitting to bring out our interview with the authors of Beyond Downton Abbey — A Guide to 25 Great Housesand Beyond Downton Abbey Vol. 2, Deb & David White.

The travel writing pair have co-authored their Downton Abbey-inspired series, and written books independently. When they’re not galavanting throughout Europe in search of a juicy story, they enjoy each other’s company in their charming home in Greensboro NC.

In her past life, Deb worked as a consultant for Fortune 1000 companies. She lived and breathed mergers and acquisitions from inside the conference rooms, cubicles and executive suites. In her first full-length novel, Pink Slips & Parting Giftsshe shares an entertaining account of experiences in corporate America. She is also a self-proclaimed Anglophile, which may have eased her transition into writing about travel-worthy sites in England.

David won’t tell you this himself, but he’s an all-things-England whiz (though, not the Hogwart’s kind). His first book, Let’s Take the Kids to London, is a travel guidebook written especially for families traveling to London and the UK. David uses his own personal experiences, including several family trips to the Royal lands, along with invaluable research to save readers travel time and headache.

If you’re inclined to take a trip to the Queen’s land with the whole family, or with your favorite travel companion, Deb & David have your English travel bases covered. Their Beyond Downton Abbey Vol. 1 & 2 books can be purchased here and here.

Though they both continue to consult on occasion, they’ve set up a lifestyle in support of their passions: travel, writing and each other. Inspired by their knack for planning in travel and in life, we interviewed them to get their story. Always in search of a couple making their dreams come true, we wanted to know what keeps their partnership successful. So we gave them the hard-hitting questions. The real greasy, in your face ones to see how they’d respond.

Check out our video interview with them. Please pardon our amateur video editing skills, and be sure to stay for the bloopers!



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