Croque-Monsieur & Croque Madame, a Perfect Pair for Francophile Friday!

Give me a grilled cheese sandwich any day and I will graciously accept it. But, give me a croque-monsieur or, better yet, a croque-madame and I’ll be in francophile heaven.

After an early morning visit to the local bakery, I can’t think of anything better on a chilly day than grilled bread and savory ham & cheese for brunch. With French bread in hand, an easy solution to satisfy this homely hankering is to make a pair of my favorites: croque-monsieur, and his better half, croque-madame, not to be confused with the Monte Cristo sandwich which I equally adore.

Wondering where the “croque” in croque-monsieur comes from? Croque, meaning crunchy is akin to the verb croquer or “to crunch” and the adjective croquant, meaning crunchy or toasted. I suppose the better question is “where does the monsieur” in croque-monsieur come from?” That may take a bit of research! The “madame,” on the other hand, is straightforward — put an egg on it et voila! You have a croque-madame.

This sunny meal pairs perfectly well with a bibb lettuce, cucumber and sticky balsamic salad. And seeing as this is a morning meal today, I’ll suggest kombucha over rosé for now…bon appetit!






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