Thanksgiving 2013 — Dinner #2 with Mexican Turkey Mole

These days, it’s common for folks to bounce from home to home, taking in Thanksgiving at every stop. Some people stuff multiple Thanksgiving meals into one day. After yesterday’s glorious meal, I’m glad we have 24-hours between Thanksgiving #1 and #2 to digest and do it all over again.

So how about that Thanksgiving #2 anyway?

For the past few years, we’ve had a Mexican Thanksgiving at Phillip’s mom’s house. That’s right, a turkey with homemade mole (rhymes with oh-lay!) paired with yellow corn chips and guacamole, salsa, cilantro, tequila — the works. Our appetizer spread was Mexican-inspired, but also included a few foods from other parts of the world.


We’ve become accustomed to drinking wine at family meals, but a Mexican-themed Thanksgiving requires a little tequila for starters. Phillip’s youngest brother Andrew is the best at mixing cocktails. We enjoyed a yummy round of citrus + cilantro tequila cocktails with our apps before opening a special bottle of red to pair with the meal.

2009 Bedrock Heirloom Wine from Sonoma Valley

2009 Bedrock Heirloom Wine from Sonoma Valley

There are a few wines we hold dear to our hearts. Either we know the producers personally, or we’ve celebrated special occasions with a particular vintage. The wine we’re about to share with you is one we’ve enjoyed since 2009 when Phillip’s other brother, Paul, married Kristina. Several cases were consumed at their wedding.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed nearly every Bedrock Wine vintage, making it a wine both enjoyed at special family occasions and family meals that become even more special because of the wine. Though we haven’t personally visited the vineyard yet, Phillip met the producer briefly several years ago when he first moved to France to study wine making.

Here’s what The Wine Advocate says about the 2009 Bedrock Heirloom Wine:

The 2009 Heirloom Proprietary Red is an old vine blend dominated by Zinfandel and Cairanne. Its deep purple color is followed by stunning aromas of pepper, incense, camphor, blueberries and blackberries. This full-bodied powerhouse is surprisingly graceful for its size and potency. Consume this big, meaty red over the next 8-10 years. 93 points

Finally, at the center of our Mexican Thanksgiving meal, and the reason for the theme, was the absolutely splendid and well worth the wait turkey with Mexican chocolate mole (rhymes with oh-lay!) sauce. Oh, doesn’t that just sound divine! Topped with plenty of cilantro and sesame seeds, we savored every bite!


While we can’t give away the secret to the family recipe, I’ve found one that is similar from, here. Mole should be made well in advance of the meal. Allowing two or three days between making and consuming gives the flavors time to mesh. This isn’t something you whip up at random. It is very involved and may explain why we have it only once a year. We give major thanks to Phillip’s mother and Andrew for their hard work in crafting another delicious Thanksgiving meal.

At the end of our two-day Thanksgiving celebration, our bellies are full and we are thankful for another year. We’ve had much support in our businesses from friends, new and old. We’ve been blessed to have our family and our health. We look forward to what the year ahead will offer and hope you will come along for the journey!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s–


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