Pairing Wine with “Catching Fire” — Book two of the Hunger Games Trilogy

Yes, we did just go there! After a whirlwind of reading the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy, our palms and brows are drenched. We just finished the book and can only wait in anticipation for both Catching Fire the movie, and the final book of the trilogy. This all-consuming read has kept us up way past our bed time this week.

Which wine pairs best with Catching Fire and The Hunger Games? The odds may be in your favor.

Which wine pairs best with Catching Fire and The Hunger Games?   Find out if the odds are in your favor.

We even found ourselves reading for two consecutive hours after dinner tonight, just to put it all to an end. “Just one more chapter…ok, keep going.” Without giving too much away — since we aren’t the only ones griping the cover with both hands before the movie comes out in just two days — we’d like to share what undoubtedly is on everyone’s mind. What wine pairs BEST with Catching Fire?

This is especially important if you are about to share a celebratory movie-going night with friends this weekend. True fans will prepare a Capitol-style feast and fashion themselves in Arena attire. While we don’t have plans to go that far, we would like to share two wines with die-hard fans in hopes of satisfying beverage needs for The Games. We believe the two selections pair well with Hunger Games & Catching Fire festivities. Both wines are available at Phillip’s company site,

Honoro Vera 2012 Garnacha pairs well with Hunger Games pre-gaming.

Honoro Vera 2012 Garnacha

The first wine of our choosing, screams Hunger Games in both the label and the bottle’s contents: 

Honoro Vera, 2012 Spanish Garnacha makes a fine accompaniment to any Hunger Games pre-gaming. Grown in Calatayud, Spain just two hours southeast of La Rioja desert, this wine’s grape growing location imparts qualities of survival from the brutal Spanish sun. This tasty $10 wine features aromas of dark fruits and spice, and pairs well with a hearty meal like those served to tributes just before The Games.

The label design is most striking. Digital art details catch the warrior woman’s eye with an untrusting, Katniss-like expression.

While it sips well solo, we recommend consuming this wine with friends.


Tait “The Ball Buster” Shiraz

Tait “The Ball Buster” Shiraz

The next Hunger Games-inspired wine recommendation is a kick-in-the-pants indicator of the action one can expect in Catching Fire.

Tait “The Ball Buster” 2010 Shiraz from the Australian Barossa Valley claims family ties to hand-crafted production. Much like the citizens in the Districts of Panem, this family started in manual labor as coopers before venturing into wine making. This Southern Australian wine retails at $22 and pairs with captured game and grilled red meats. And it makes any parcel of District 3 rolls absolutely divine!

So there you have it. We’ve narrowed it down to two perfectly delicious wines which means the odds will be in your favor when you’re looking for something to sip while you read Catching Fire the book, or watch the film.

Let us help you order your wine at Then, tell us which of the two wines is the true victor of your palette!


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