Oz Clark Sums up the VA Wine Summit

To have an extraordinary weekend with great food and wine, and a few new friends is a delight. To have an extraordinary weekend that Oz Clarke enjoyed too, is just lucky.

We shared a bit of our Virginia Wine Summit experiences in earlier posts here & here. Phillip was a panelist during day two of the summit. Among the other panelists, his topic, “Bang for Your Buck,” was a crowd favorite, particularly for those on the production and sales side of VA wine.

The panel invitation afforded us a memorable visit to Richmond. Here’s a summary of the weekend and of VA wines according to Oz:

“Wine is merely one of the wonderful things that make life worth living. To truly appreciate wine, you have to appreciate all the other marvels of life around you and relate wine to them.”   ~ Oz Clarke

This message encompasses the pure essence of wine. Wine is the embodiment of much more than a list of characteristics in a single glass. Oz Clarke’s motivating thoughts on the future of Virginia wines is inspiring. Perhaps in twenty years when the wine industry shifts and lesser-known regions are celebrated, we’ll see Virginia at the top with a very distinct taste that only Virginia can create.

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